Am I the only one who sees this?

I stumbled across an ad on facebook and immediately reacted to the horrible picture. I can’t believe that this is okay, that no one bats an eye… Look at the mouth, the white foam around the bit (a clear indication that the horse has trouble with swallowing its own saliva). And the bit is pulled so hard that it’s halfway out of the mouth of the horse.

Look at all those straps in the face and the ones that goes into the mouth below the bit itself. Take a long, hard look and then imagine that the animal in the picture was a dog or a cat instead of a horse. Would more people react then? I think that it’s horrifying that these pictures are considered ‘normal’. What is even more horrifying is that I believe that not many will feel the same way I do about this. 😔

Look at the eyes, what do they tell you?



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