The pet food dilemma

I got a comment asking if I feed my dogs and cats vegan food, since I’m a vegan myself. That’s a good question and I thought that I should write a post to share my thoughts about this.

As a vegan I want what’s best for the animals. And that is long, full, happy lives. I want animals to live as nature intended (as much as possible). Which means no whales in tiny tanks, no calves being stolen from their mothers, no wild animals in circuses etc. My horses are fed a grain free diet and are allowed to go in and out as they please. They eat grass, plants, herbs and hay since they are herbivores. My cats and dogs on the other hand, are not.

If you look at them, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that they are meant to eat meat. They have sharp claws for catching/holding prey, long pointy teeth to rip and devour flesh, strong jaws to crush bones and the hunting instinct lets us know that they are meat eaters. But also, if you look at what’s on the inside you will get even more evidence.

They have short intestines, acid saliva, acid urine, strong hydrochloric acid, they don’t need fiber (only found in plants), etc.

I think you get the point! If I were to let my dogs or cats out on their own, they would not roam the fields to eat wheat… They would hunt and kill to survive. And since I love my pets to death (they are like my children) I want them to live long and healthy lives, and to give them species appropriate food comes with that.

I would never feed my horses salami (even if it was fortified with all the vitamins and minerals they needed) if I ate meat. And I won’t put my carnivores or omnivores on a plant based (fortified) diet just because it suits my beliefs. Here in Sweden it’s actually illegal to feed cats a vegan diet, which I think is a good thing.

I totally get it if you, as a vegan, don’t want anything to do with the slaughter industry… But there are so many other herbivorous pets out there. Get a rabbit or maybe a guinea pig if you can’t stand the thought of feeding meat. Do not get a carnivore or omnivore pet if that’s the case!

I was given the ability to feel for other animals, which to me is a clear sign that I’m not a carnivore. My dogs and cats can’t comprehend the fact that their victims might suffer, and I will never impose my views on them since we are completely different species.

I am also really picky when it comes to the meat I feed to them. After much research I finally found a company that I feel comfortable to buy from. They are without a doubt the best brand out there for me and my pets. Their food consists only of raw meat, bones, organs, some vegetables and natural oils. No preservatives, additives or grain. They are also very transparent with their manufacturing process which is important to me. I highly recommend them!

Please take a look at MUSH website and read more about why a raw species appropriate diet is the best choice for cats and dogs. There’s a lot of information, Q&A:s and basically everything you need to know about raw feeding. 

Since I switched my pets to a raw diet a few years ago I no longer have to deal with smelly poop or hideous dog farts, their coats are shiny, their energy is great, no dry noses or paws, clean ears and eyes, white teeth… The list can be made long. The first thing people usually say when they first meet and pet our cats is ”OMG their coat is so smooth”. It really feels like silk. 

So yeah, I’m a raw feeding vegan!


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