5 Current favorites

My 5 favorite…

… Movies? La la land ❤, The imitation game, Me before you, The notebook, How to train your dragon

… Foods? Cucumber, Vegan ice cream, Fry’s family chicken style burgers, Violife’s vegan cheddar cheese and (ofc) French fries

… Objects? My powerbank, my Nikon D5300, my iPhone 7 plus, my rope halters and my bed

… Pieces of clothing? Sweatpants, cozy slippers, warm socks, super stretchy jeans and oversize t-shirts

… Songs? Nothing (The script), Say you won’t let go (James arthur), Castle on the hill (Ed sheeran), Cold (Maroon 5), and all the songs from La la land

… Drinks? Water, orange juice, Oatly chocolate oat drink, Capri-sun and Fanta exotic

… Things to do? Be with my animals, go to the movies, take a walk in the forest, play video games with my husband and watch series in bed

… TV Series? The night manager, Sherlock, The walking dead, Parks and recreation, Grey’s anatomy

… Animals? Lions, Squirrels, Alpacas, Dolphins and Foxes

… Bands/Artists? Ed Sheeran, OneRepublic, The Script, Maroon 5 and John Mayer

… Countries? Australia, New zealand, Sweden, England and Norway

… Actresses? Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Anna Kendrick and Alicia Wikander.

… Colors (in order)? Grey, Purple, Yellow, Red and White.

… Favorite places? At home, in the forest, in an empty movie theater, at the stable and in bed

… Horse breeds? Ardennes horses, Shetland ponies, Clydesdales, PRE:s and shire horses

… Actors? Ryan Gosling, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pratt and Liam Hemsworth

… Favorite books? Harry potter, Harry potter, Harry potter, Harry potter, Harry potter

… Dog breeds? Hunting spaniels, Shiba inus, Miniature bull terriers, Pomeranians and ofc mixed breeds

… Horse trick? Any dressage movement done at liberty, laying down, fetch, rear and piaffe

… Favorite emojis? 😍😂😭👌🏻😘



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