5 Current favorites

My 5 favorite…

… Movies? La la land ❤, The imitation game, Me before you, The notebook, How to train your dragon

… Foods? Cucumber, Vegan ice cream, Fry’s family chicken style burgers, Violife’s vegan cheddar cheese and (ofc) French fries

… Objects? My powerbank, my Nikon D5300, my iPhone 7 plus, my rope halters and my bed

… Pieces of clothing? Sweatpants, cozy slippers, warm socks, super stretchy jeans and oversize t-shirts

… Songs? Nothing (The script), Say you won’t let go (James arthur), Castle on the hill (Ed sheeran), Cold (Maroon 5), and all the songs from La la land

… Drinks? Water, orange juice, Oatly chocolate oat drink, Capri-sun and Fanta exotic

… Things to do? Be with my animals, go to the movies, take a walk in the forest, play video games with my husband and watch series in bed

… TV Series? The night manager, Sherlock, The walking dead, Parks and recreation, Grey’s anatomy

… Animals? Lions, Squirrels, Alpacas, Dolphins and Foxes

… Bands/Artists? Ed Sheeran, OneRepublic, The Script, Maroon 5 and John Mayer

… Countries? Australia, New zealand, Sweden, England and Norway

… Actresses? Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Anna Kendrick and Alicia Wikander.

… Colors (in order)? Grey, Purple, Yellow, Red and White.

… Favorite places? At home, in the forest, in an empty movie theater, at the stable and in bed

… Horse breeds? Ardennes horses, Shetland ponies, Clydesdales, PRE:s and shire horses

… Actors? Ryan Gosling, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pratt and Liam Hemsworth

… Favorite books? Harry potter, Harry potter, Harry potter, Harry potter, Harry potter

… Dog breeds? Hunting spaniels, Shiba inus, Miniature bull terriers, Pomeranians and ofc mixed breeds

… Horse trick? Any dressage movement done at liberty, laying down, fetch, rear and piaffe

… Favorite emojis? 😍😂😭👌🏻😘


Q&A – Part 2 (ENGLISH)

How do you feel about people who start making and selling their own rope products after they’ve ordered from you?

– To be honest I don’t like it. Of course it’s a free world and people can do what they want, but I’ve always deeply hated unoriginal people. When I started I didn’t know anyone else who made the stuff that I make and I have spent YEARS finding suppliers overseas, teaching myself new techniques and slowly building my company from scratch. I applaud people who want to be creative and start a business from their own ideas, but I really hate copycats.

Are you going to keep Vidar as a stallion?

– I love stallions, especially their muscles and charisma. But no. I want my herd to be as calm as possible because of the height differences and that is more important to me than his looks!

What happened with your other pony Hatchi?

– He moved to my dear friend Lisa. It was only meant to be a temporary stay at first but we both decided that she should keep him. He loves it there and I have visited him several times since.

Why won’t you answer questions about training tips?

– There’s many reasons actually. One is that I don’t have enough time. Another is that I don’t know the horse or trainer well enough to know if they are ready for certain tricks. I don’t want to risk that the trainer sees my tip and tries something that their horse isn’t ready for. Trick training is not something you should do to get likes on instagram, it’s something you should do in your own pace to strengthen and develop the relationship with your horse. 

Will you be riding Vidar in a few years? 

– I hope so! If everything goes as planned and he’s up for it, my goal is for him to be my riding partner in the future. I plan to break him (I hate that phrase, in Sweden we say ”ride him in”) and do everything myself, which is scary when you’re a coward like me. 😁 We’ll se what the future holds!

Q&A – Part 1 (ENGLISH)

How did you bond with Vidar? / @natalie_oldfield 

– I don’t know actually. I met him for the first time when he was 5 weeks old and the only contact I had with him was when he licked my hand for a few seconds. I decided to buy him anyway and immediately started to worry! What if I won’t like his personality when he gets older? What if I won’t ‘click’ with him? I had no reason to worry (of course), I fell more in love with every visit until I got him home. After I got him home I’ve bonded with him just by being in the pasture, scratching and taking walks with him. ❤️

How old is Vidar now? / @mara.laforte
– He was born in the end of March so he’s 7,5 months old now. Big boy! 

Is it different in your everyday life with a horse as big as Vidar? / @robin_indahood

 – Yes and no! Besides fixing the stable and fence (to make it bigger), not much has changed. It’s a bit more to muck out and I have to fill water and hay more often, but that’s it. 😊

When did you get your first horse? / @littleponymary

– I started riding when I was 3 years old and got my first horse when I was 12. She was a stubborn trotter mare with cataract but I loved her. She never did anything bad or threw me (or any other kid) off but adults had a hard time with her. Maybe you would like to see pictures of her?

Why do you have 2 small ponies that you can’t ride? / @littleponymary

– Well, I think riding is such a small part of loving a horse. I wanted to show the world how much these tiny horses have to offer and fell in love with the breed myself. Not riding has ‘forced’ me to get to know my horses as friends instead of carousel rides you go on once a day. Not that there’s anything wrong with riding in any way, at all, but there’s so much more to do! Riding should be a bonus, not a necessity for you to have or love horses (in my opinion). 😍