A month that changed my life

Today is the last day of Veganuary. The month where I accepted a tough challenge of eating vegan for 31 days.

I was definitely prepared to have cravings, to have to skip a lot of my usual foods, to not be able to eat a lot of the tasty things out there and so on. But the thing is that it didn’t even take 3 days before I completely forgot that I was being part of this challenge. To be honest I’ve never even had a single craving during this month. I also never felt that I was missing out on things since I realized that there’s tasty cruelty free options to almost all of my usual foods! 

And despite the fact that I’ve been eating like a ”junk food vegan” I already feel huge changes in my body. I have much more energy, less joint pain, I’m no longer having a chronically stuffed nose, my eczema is gone and my husband has almost stopped snoring.

We didn’t even eat that much dairy and eggs before but apparently even small amounts can have a big impact on your body. But the coolest (and hardest) thing during this month has been waking up from the deep sleep that I’ve been in my whole life. Finally waking up and actually understanding the lies I’ve been told my whole life, is hard. Admitting that I’ve unwillingly contributed to mass murder and torture my whole life is hard. Seeing your friends and family still in their deep sleep is hard too. Otherwise caring and compassionate individuals who choose to still take part of the animal abuse is hard to accept. Not that I want to force anyone to change, I just wished for them to wake up like I did.

Another thing that is hard to understand is that vegans are considered extreme. 

– If you saw someone hurting a dog in the street, would you try to save it?

– If you saw someone trying to kill a pig in the street, would you try to save it?

– If a cow escaped from slaughter and came running along the street, would you help get it back to the slaughter house or would you want it to live?

– If I placed a soft baby chick in your hands, would you look at it as food?

– If you put a rabbit and an apple in a room with a baby, what would the baby do? Which would he play with and which would he try to eat?

– If I placed a strawberry in your hands, would you start salivating and thinking about eating it? What would happen if I placed it under your nose? Would it still smell delicious? If I cut it in half, would you still be hungry and want to eat it? Well, if you like strawberry I’m guessing that the answer is yes.

– But if I placed a piglet in your hands, would you start salivating and thinking about eating it? What would happen if I placed the piglet under your nose? Would it smell delicious, like food? If I cut the piglet in half and put one half of the piglet in your hands, would you like to eat it then? Even though you might like bacon I’m guessing that the answer is no.

The thing is that if we were meant to eat meat on a regular basis our bodies and our brains would be completely different. 

We would have sharp teeth and a jaw that couldn’t move sideways. We would have acidic saliva. We would have claws instead of finger nails. We would have shorter colons and strong hydrochloric acid. We would not be able to feel the emotion called ‘compassion’. Because which predator feels sorry for their victims? Which predators know about the harm they’re causing but does it anyway?

I don’t believe nature would ever give us the ability to feel for others if we were meant to kill them. And science says the same thing. But despite this, vegans are the extreme ones? Please think about that for a minute.

And about drinking milk. We are the only species on this planet who drinks breast milk as adults. And even more strange is the fact that we are drinking breast milk from a species completely different from us. Why not drink breast milk from the chimpanzees who share 99% of our DNA? But that would be disgusting, right? Drinking milk from a dog would be disgusting, right? Drinking milk from a cat would be disgusting, right? Drinking milk from a hippo would be disgusting, right? But when it comes from a goat or a cow it’s totally fine!

In Sweden we have a law that says that foals need to be with their mother for at least 6 months before you are allowed to sell them. And puppies need to be with their mothers for at least 8 weeks before you can separate them from their mothers. It’s to mimic how and when the weaning process would take place in the wild and to ensure the best start possible for the baby animals. But what about calves? It’s completely normal to remove them from their mothers right after birth so the mothers milk can be taken and sold to humans. It’s like the laws don’t apply on beings who can bring in money.

I could go on all day about this but I bet it won’t even matter how many facts or statements I can come up with. People are so far away in their deep sleep that they just can’t hear or see the thing standing right in front of them.

After this month, that has truly changed my life in so many ways, I will definitely stay vegan. I can never imagine myself going back to contributing to the mass slaughter and torture of innocent beings ever again. I love animals too much to value my taste buds over their lives. And the next time you come across a vegan, don’t mock them – feel jealous of them instead. 🌱

If you want to educate yourself please watch Food choices, 101 reasons to go vegan (YT), Forks over knives etc. They are not gruesome and very educational. If you feel really brave you can also watch Earthlings and see if you still won’t go vegan after that…